Meyra Nano C

Carbon (carbon fiber) frame, side edges and footrest. A high-quality, very light, beautifully designed and easy-to-maneuver wheelchair with a fixed frame.

A very wide range of regulation and adjustment options ensure that the wheelchair can be adjusted and changed even after a long period of use, thus giving its user the freedom to adapt it to their changing needs.


Price: starting from 3500,- Eur



About the product

Technical specification
Technical documentation
Seat width
380 - 440
Total width
Seat width + 160
Seat depth
38-46 cm
Back height
25-45 cm
Transport weight
from 5 kg
Total weight
from 7,5 kg
Max weight for a person
100 kg
Wheel diameter
610 mm (24“) 635 mm (25”) 660 mm (26”)