Alber e-pilot

Made in Germany, Alber electric drive equipment for wheelchairs, which can be used with both non-folding frame and folding frame wheelchairs.

Alber e-pilot is an easy-to-attach and equally easy-to-remove electric wheelchair, which is a great everyday helper when you have to travel long distances with a wheelchair. Tas ir ražots Vācijā, un tādēļ tam ir pārdomāta un izturīga konstrukcija, kā arī ļoti ērts un saprotams vadības displejs. The front lamp is also integrated into the design and controlled from the control screen. There is also cruise control and reverse gear.

To make the e-pilot individual, it is possible to choose the color of its accents. Additional equipment includes a rear-view mirror, different types of front-mounted baskets and bag holders, a special travel battery that meets airline requirements for Li-ion batteries and many other accessories.

Price: starting from 3700,- Eur



About the product

Technical specification
Driving speed
6 / 10 / 20 km/h
Distance travelled on a single charge
up to 50 km
36 V, Li-ion, 496,8 Wh
Battery (for airplanes)
36 V, Li-ion, 280,8 Wh
Total weight
18,4 kg
Max weight for a person
100 kg