Individual orthopedic insoles

Professional support to make your life easier

SIA “Unihaus” offers various types of individual orthopedic insoles, which we make only after consultation with our specialists:

  • insoles for shoes
  • individual orthopedic inserts

We also increase the customer’s shoes in case of shortening.

To find out more information and make an appointment with the doctor – technical orthopedist Dr. A. Zarovskis, who will be able to advise you on the individual inserts you need, please write or contact us.

Before making orthopedic insoles, it is necessary to perform a gait analysis and visit our doctor – technical orthopedist Dr. A. Zarovski’s consultation. Information about gait analysis is available in the Gait analysis and pedometry section of our website. (en)

Types of shoe inserts (insoles).
Shoe alterations and adjustments


Supportive Corrective Relieving Multifunctional
Purpose To provide even loading of the foot, cushion, equalize the load on parts of the foot, protect from pressure. Change the support of the foot by affecting the position of the whole body – both statically and dynamically. Shift the load from overloaded parts of the foot to less loaded ones.
Type Well adapted to the shape of the foot, made of soft material. Different material and thickness. Correction points have been created. Soft or semi-hard material, with relief ridges or hollows. Combines multiple features into one product, such as reliefs and corrections.
  • Poorly correctable foot deformities
  • Long-term static load
  • To improve blood circulation in the feet
  • For comfort

N.B. Most often, it does not solve the problem, but reduces the symptoms.

  • Correctable foot deformities
  • Long-term static load
  • Leg or back pain
  • The need to change the body position (scoliosis, leg shortening, spasticity, etc.)
  • The need to limit or improve movement in a particular joint(s)
  • Poorly correctable or uncorrectable foot deformities
  • Long-term static load
  • To improve circulation and sensation in the feet
  • For foot defects relief
(EN)Production of a standard shoe insert
Raising the shoe to the full length of the sole
Shoe heel elevation
Creation of a slope (wedge) of the pasole