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How to choose the most suitable wheelchair?

When you need a wheelchair for the first time in your life, it is very difficult to choose the right one, because the offer is wide and there are many options.

Therefore, to facilitate this choice, we will give a small introduction to the world of wheelchairs. Each type of wheelchair has its own name, which can be found using an internet search engine for more information and an offer. There are the following major groups of wheelchairs: standard wheelchairs, active wheelchairs (with folding or non-folding frame), children’s wheelchairs, comfort wheelchairs (multifunctional) and electric wheelchairs.

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The first thing to understand when choosing the most appropriate wheelchair is how active a lifestyle the person who will use it has.

An active person who travels longer distances a day, goes to work or school every day, does sports, needs an active wheelchair, which is lightweight, very durable and stable, which ensures easy movement.

Active wheelchairs are very lightweight and very stable, as they have to withstand the heavy loads that come from frequent and active daily use. Their total weight is 6 – 15 kg and the transport weight (with the drive wheels, footrests and side edges removed) is 4 – 10 kg. Active wheelchairs are generally more beautiful in design than standard ones, and they also have a very wide range of additional equipment, such as different types and colors of drive wheels, which, when combined with more specific frame colors, allow each user to create a unique wheelchair design. The price range is around €1000 – €5000, which is very wide as there are many different types of active wheelchairs. A very good, light and durable one can be bought for around €2000, which would be a golden mean in terms of price and quality.

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For someone who is not that active and spends most of their time indoors or is always accompanied by an accompanying person, a standard wheelchair would suffice, which is cheaper, but also provides a sufficiently high level of comfort for its user.

Standard wheelchairs. Their frame is made of iron or aluminum. Those with an aluminum frame will be lighter, and on average will be around 17-20 kg in a complete set. The transport weight (with the drive wheels, footrests and sides removed) is around 10 – 12 kg. Primarily for indoor use, but can also be used outdoors. The price range is from 200 – 500 €, depending on the manufacturer and the package. The maximum user weight is 130 kg, but if it is higher, wheelchairs with a reinforced frame are possible, with a weight capacity of already 200 kg. Mostly people choose standard wheelchairs with aluminum frame because they are easier to place in the car.

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If there is limited movement of the limbs (especially) of the hands, and the user is unable to move in a wheelchair by himself, then a standard wheelchair pushed by an attendant should be used to move him a comfort wheelchair, which is equipped with additional equipment that allows you to correctly position a person in this chair, so that the sitting position is always the most optimal, as determined by a doctor or specialist.

Comfort wheelchairs are designed with an emphasis on the correct positioning of the person in it, so it has very comfortable seats with additional equipment for holding and positioning the person in the chair. (headrests, side supports, individually adjustable footrests, etc.). They also have an adjustable back and seat angle. Comfort wheelchairs are mostly designed to be driven by an accompanying person. Their price is 700 – 4000 €, depending on the necessary equipment and the individual needs of the user.

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An electric wheelchair is suitable for people who have difficulty moving on their own and do not have enough strength in their hands to do it with a manual wheelchair, in which you have to push yourself forward. An electric wheelchair provides more comfortable movement on different surfaces, for example on gravel roads.

Electric wheelchairs are mainly classified according to maximum speed and travel distance. They have comfortably adjustable seats and back supports to be able to adapt them to the needs of the user. The width of their base (frame and wheels) in the standard package does not exceed 60 cm, therefore, they can be used in narrow elevators and narrow doors in apartments, if the width of the seat does not exceed 48 cm. The maximum speed, depending on the manufacturer and model, is 6 – 15 km/h, as well as the maximum driving distance with one battery charge is 25 – 50 km. Electric wheelchairs are controlled by a joystick that controls all its movements. For safety reasons, they must be equipped with front and rear traffic lights, as well as turn signals. The maximum user weight is up to 160 kg, and for models with reinforced construction – up to 200 kg. The prices of electric wheelchairs range from 2200 – 8000 €. The most expensive are special off-road models that have full amortization, larger diameter tires and a longer wheelbase, which provide increased passability and stability when driving, for example, through forests.

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Gait analysis - podometry

Professional support to make your life easier

First visit

During the first meeting with the technical orthopedist, you will discuss the foot problems that worries you. During the visit, a general examination, posture assessment, static and dynamic pedometry, as well as video gait analysis are performed. By evaluating the impact of your daily activities on your health and performing the necessary examinations, the doctor will be able to tell you what negatively affects the health of your feet. If necessary, the doctor will recommend additional examinations or offer the manufacture of orthopedic inserts or other auxiliary devices.

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Measurements, fabrication and fitting

When arriving for a consultation:
– you must bring your personal identification document and previously performed examinations.
– be aware that you will have to take off your socks, show your feet and possibly your back, and walk on a gait analysis track.
– you should bring shoes in which you work or spend the longest part of the day on your feet. The best shoes for wearing orthotics are those with removable insoles.

Medicinal foot care does not require additional preparation.

We offer the manufacture of two types of orthopedic inserts:
1) orthopedic inserts that are adapted to the needs of your foot. Preparation ~ 30 min. at a time.
2) orthopedic inserts that are made exactly according to the shape of your foot. Production takes 1-2 days. Will work best in loose shoes with removable insoles and athletic shoes.

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Further collaboration

After an appointment with a doctor or podiatrist, you will be recommended a repeat visit to a specialist if necessary. When receiving orthopedic inserts, an adaptation period is required, during which the foot gets used to the corrected position. If you feel discomfort after the adaptation period, please contact us so that we can assess the need for correction of the inserts.
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First visit

After evaluating the level of your daily activities, you will be offered the most optimal prosthesis option in consultation with a technical orthopedist.

When arriving for a consultation:
– you must bring your personal identification document and previously performed examinations.
– be aware that you will have to expose the area of the amputation trunk so that the technical orthopedist can look at it, take measurements and take a cast that will serve as the basis for making a prosthesis.

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State support

SIA UniHaus offers the manufacture of limb prostheses within the framework of the state-paid aids program.
To apply for a technical aid, the customer must submit to one of the departments of the Vaivaru technical aid center directly or send by mail:
1) written application
2) the opinion of the attending physician for receiving a technical aid.
3) application for compensation mechanism

Download the written application form
Download the doctor’s opinion form
Download the application about the compensation mechanism

If the customer applies to receive technical aid as a matter of urgency, the following must be submitted additionally:
• An inpatient or outpatient patient’s medical card extract- epicrisis (copy), issued no later than 6 (six) months before the documents are submitted to the Center., for persons with first-time disabilities;
• Individual rehabilitation plan, for persons with predictable invalidity;
• A confirmation from the educational institution that the person is studying the educational program of the spesific educational institution, if the technical aid is necessary in the educational process;
• Employer’s confirmation that the person is an employee of the relevant employer, if the technical aid is necessary for the performance of work duties;
• Tax payer registration number and business name, or the taxpayer’s registration number for persons who perform individual work or economic activity, if the technical aid is necessary for the performance of economic activity.

Technical aids at the expenses of the state are issued on a first-come, first-served basis. The customer is notified in writing about the arrival of the queue. The possible places of receipt of the technical aid are indicated in the letter sent to the customer.

Upon receiving the technical aid, the customer makes a one-time payment:
• about the child – 1.42 €
• for a person older than 18 years, – 7.11 €

From a one time payment, showing a relevant certificate, is released
• low-income person;
• a person who is in a long-term social care and social rehabilitation institution;
• a person whose place of residence is registered in an inpatient treatment facility;
• a person who is serving a sentence in place of deprivation of liberty.

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Measurements, fabrication and fitting

The manufacture of individual aids begins with taking measurements. Depending on the complexity of the product, the duration of the production of the aid is agreed with the patient. We also adapt factory-made assistive devices.

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Further cooperation

After the meeting with the doctor, a repeat visit to the specialist will be recommended to you if necessary. When receiving a prosthesis, an adaptation period is required, during which the body gets used to the prosthesis. If you feel discomfort after the adaptation period, please contact us so that we can assess the need for prosthesis corrections.
The warranty period for technical aids paid for by the state and received with personal funds is 2 years, during which we carry out free repairs and corrections. After the warranty period expires, we offer the opportunity to correct the product or stand in line for a new aid paid for by the state in accordance with Cabinet of Ministers regulations no. 1474.
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Compensation mechanism

Purchase of technical aids with compensation mechanism

If you need a technical aid (wheelchair, care bed, anti-bedsore mattress, prosthesis, etc.), and what Vaivaru Tehnical aids center (hereinafter – VTPC) offers does not meet your requirements, it is possible to purchase it from UniHaus with the help of compensation mechanism. The working principle of the compensation mechanism is explained below, and it can also be read on the VTPC website:īglīdzekļu-saņemšana-ar-kompensācijas-mehānismu

In fact, the compensation mechanism is a very simple and convenient way for you to get a technical aid that exactly meets your needs and wishes. And here’s why.

If you have found the technical aid you need at UniHaus, we will make sure that this process is as simple as possible for you, because:

  • to order this technical aid, you do NOT need to pay in advance, so you don’t have to invest your own money.
  • we will make sure that the technical aid is adapted to your needs and wishes.
  • We will prepare all the necessary documents for submitting the VTPC.

Example: if you have chosen one of the active wheelchairs offered by UniHaus and have received a confirmation letter from VTPC that you can purchase it through the compensation mechanism, together with you, we choose the most suitable active wheelchair according to your dimensions and needs, taking into account the recommendations of specialists (occupational therapist, doctor or other medical practitioner), if any.
Then the wheelchair is ordered.
When it has arrived at UniHaus, we meet you so that you can try the wheelchair. If everything is satisfactory, we prepare all the necessary documents for submission to the VTPC, and we can also deliver them to the VTPC office for you.
If the price of the wheelchair you choose from us is higher than the one compensated by VTPC, you will only have to pay the price difference.

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Information from Vaivaru Technical aids center

If the technical aid offered by the Vaivaru Technical aid center does not meet your needs, You can buy it with a compensation mechanism in the countries of the European Union, in a member state of the European Economic Area or the Swiss Confederation.

In order to receive technical assistance with the compensation mechanism, the customer must be registered in the queue for receiving technical aid and additionally submit: application with a request to receive a technical aid with a compensation mechanism.

At the same time the customer can submit documents for receiving a technical aid and an application for receiving a technical aid with a compensation mechanism.

VTPC will review your submitted documents and send a decision. In case of a positive decision, the possible compensable amount and additional documents to be submitted for receiving compensation will be indicated.

After receiving a positive decision, you can go to choose the technical aid that suits you. The technical aid with the compensation mechanism may be purchased only after the decision of the functioning commission to allow the technical aid to be received with the compensation mechanism. After purchasing the technical aid, you must submit the documents specified in the decision.

We inform you that VTPC can request to present the purchased technical aid.

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How to get a technical aid with a compensation mechanism at the VTPC?


A person submits documents to VTPC in order to register in the queue for receiving a technical aid.
Documents to be submitted:

  • Application for receiving a technical aid;
  • Opinion of the attending physician for receiving a technical aid;
  • Application with a request to receive a technical aid with a compensation mechanism.


VTPC examines the submitted documents.
If the documents are prepared in accordance with the requirements of regulatory acts, are understandable and of high quality – VTPC makes a decision on registration in the queue and on the possible amount of compensation;
If the information provided in the documents is insufficient for making a decision, VTPC requests additional documents or invites the person to the Functioning Evaluation Commission.


VTPC sends a decision to the person, where, in case of a positive decision, the possible compensable amount and additional documents to be submitted for receiving compensation are indicated.


After receiving the technical aid, the person submits the requested documents to VTPC.


VTPC invites the person, taking the new purchased technical aid with him, to the Functioning Assessment Commission;
VTPC evaluates the submitted documents and technical aid;
VTPC makes a decision on the amount of compensation and its allocation.


VTPC sends a decision to the person.


The person makes a one-time payment to the VSIA NRC “Vaivari” account or cash register;
VTPC transfers the compensable amount.

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